Hi Everybody, i`m co-founder of NoEmotion.Net, here are samples of my work.

2019 Houdini Growth sims
Short making of Eucalyptus and Primrose growth setups for Hydrasense commercial. Done in Side FX Houdini, rendered with V-Ray for Houdini.Client:Tendril
2018 Brevant Houdini sims
Houdini sims for Brevant commercial i did back in June 2018 for Tendril. Rendered with Redshift.
2019 V-Ray Beta for SideFX Houdini
Started as simple vellum RND in mid January,but ended up being much more. V-Ray for Houdini beta 2 was open at the time so i decided to give it a go - have some fun and help Chaos group with beta testing a bit too.
2018 Water/Air FX for Destiny 2 cinematic
Water/Air FX and render setup done for Blur Studio Destiny 2 cinematic back in 2017. Simulations done in SideFX Houdini and exported to 3D Max and rendered in V-Ray.
2018 Houdini Tree/Soil Wedges
Having fun with Side FX Houdini and Redshift render in my free time.
2014 Underwater FX for Halo cinematic
Big thanks to Blur studio for letting me help with these two shots for Halo aniversary cinematics. I did both the FX and assembly/render. Particles simulations were done in Reaflow and meshed later in 3D max with Frost. V-ray enviroment fog was great help when creating volume effect of rays underwater. I`ve used direct light with animated causting map. If you ever need to create hires caustic maps, with float data and tilable, there is a great tool out there,grab it here.
2014 Demolition R&D
My own TP demolition system developed over past few months in free time. I`ve created automatic joints system generation between different particle groups - like Planks to Poles, then Poles to Logs, Thatched roof to Plans etc. No prefraged geometry, all done on the fly with volumebreaker. Breaking is triggered by geometry collision, plus SC shape/particle collisions. Video is showing 11 different simulations with various conditions - different hit zone,speed, different joints break conditions etc. Average sim time around 10-15min(2 substeps). Sandbox fun! :)
2014 Fire and Smoke sims
15 sims, 100-130 frames per sim, 10-12h simulation time, 1-5 min per frame render time,500-1200 voxel grid size,300-500GB per sim(fuel/smoke/fire/velocity/temperature), I7-3770 32GB RAM. I`ve rendered temperature data as extra pass, and used it to grade both fire and smoke.
2014 Smoke simulations
Smoke done for game cinematic. Simulations were used in Volcanic enviroments. Simulated at double speed as the camera action was very fast and I wanted to get some motion visible.
2013 Cloth R&D
Having fun with cloth modeling/sim. Plenty of nice details on multilayered cloth sims. Jacket have two layers - different material properties for outer and inner layer. I`ve used Marvelous designer for both design and simulation. I`ve created hires cloth model first with around 5 mil poly , and lower 1mil poly version for simulation. MD can do 1 mil poly simulation amazingly fast. Then you can export your low res animation and use it to skinwarp your hires mesh. Pretty common animation technique.
2014 Dragon Fire
Some of the dragon fire sims done for the Hobbit game web page. All of them were looped at the end so they can playback seamlessly on the web.
2013 Stream water FX
R&D on stream simulation and render. Simulation done in Realflow and meshed inside 3D max with Frost. Mesh rendered with vray. For additional passes i`ve used Krakatoa and setup shading based on speed, density and velocity of particles.
2013 Hourglass FX
FX work for Quarry Canada, rigid bodies sim, fluid sims, morphing fx etc. Clients idea was to create effect of granules in hourglass seamlessly melting into liquid. Rigid bodies were simulated inside max with PhysX and later replaced with high resolution geometry. Blending into liquid was done with simple vray blend shader between two materials.
2010 Lava FX R&D
Viewport preview of some of the lava sims.
2011 Balls RB sims for PAF TV
Rigid body sims done for PAF TV commercial. You can find the full making of here
2011 SU-30 in the snowstorm
Breakdown of compositing over live action footage. Includes 3D tracking, full CG clouds and other cg elements
2008 Audi Q7
Small animation done in free time.
2007 Terrace
Small animation done in free time.
2006 Demoreel
My demoreel from 2006 was quite a success back then.
You made it to the end, congrats! LOL